This website….

was created to showcase travel trailers made in the Sixties or earlier.  It seems pictures on the internet are scattered all over, and rarely do you get to see numerous pictures of a beautiful restoration showing all exterior angles and multiple interior shots.  So that’s what this website will do.

High-quality restorations or excellent originals are featured, and we also like to feature the rare trailers which are shown in whatever condition they’re currently in…hopefully someone will restore it and feature it here.  At this time we are not featuring custom-themed trailers with non-factory type paint.

We need your photos!  If you have an original-looking trailer made before 1970 you’d like to share, please send in some pics.  This website is a community effort!  Your information will be kept private.  We will not post ownership information or contact information unless requested.

Pictures should show a tidy, clean interior…well lit with a camera flash.  The exterior will ideally be shown without an awning deployed, and with a nice background.   We like to have at least 4 exterior shots and at least 3 or 4 interior shots.  Include a shot with a close-up of any neat details, such as the manufacturer’s emblem, and maybe the stove, fridge, and/or countertops if they are a cool design.  A total of 8 to 20 shots is ideal.

Pics should be jpg’s, sized to 800 pixels on the long edge.  Save them/send them as the highest quality setting available.  You may send them to us at:  scott@TheVintageTrailerShow.com

Thank you!

Happy trailering!

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